100 Chords Method - Software course with play-along exercises to master hundreds of chords in all keys, on the entire fretboard.
Includes: 100 positions training method · Chord Archive · Chord Finder · Whole fretboard training · All keys training · Play-along practice · Multimedia exercises · 30 chord types · 400 positions · Ready-made exercises · Fingering instructions · Strumming patterns · Progress map · Ear training ·
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The 100 Chords Method is a Windows program and runs on all versions from Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP to 98.

You need a sound card with MIDI support and a graphic card with 16-bit color or better (practically every computer has that).

Click here to start downloading the installation file:

Some download and installation tips:

  • After clicking the link, choose Save to disk.

  • Make sure you don't change the file name when selecting in which folder the file will be downloaded.

  • When download is complete, double-click on the saved file to install the program on your computer.

  • After installation you can run the software from Windows' menu: [Start]   »   Programs   »   100 Chords Method

  • During installation you can also choose to add a shortcut icon on your desktop.

Error messages?

If you get an error message during installation, the most likely cause is an incomplete or a corrupted downloaded file.

In that case, delete the file you downloaded and download it again.

Don't find the file after downloading?

Sometimes it happens that we download a file and then cannot find it on the hard disk. In that case you can:

  • Use Windows' search function to locate the file on the hard disk: Start... Search... Files... then enter "100ChordsMethod" as search text. (In older versions of Windows you'll see "Find" instead of "Search")

  • Click on the download link again, observe where your web browser is going to save the file, then instead of downloading it again, hit Cancel and open the folder where Windows saved the file the first time.

Uninstall information

The 100 Chord Method software installs and uninstalls in a very clean way.

  • No DLL file is added or changed in the Windows System folders.

  • No Windows registry settings are changed.

  • All the files are stored in a single root folder. By default the folder is
    C:\Program Files\100 Chords Method

You can also copy that folder for a complete backup, and when you delete that folder, the software is removed completely.

And of course you can also uninstall the software through Windows "Add/Remove Programs" function in the Control Panel.

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